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🎵 Get Lyrics on your Terminal

Lyricaly gets Lyrics delivered to your Terminal for any Song. Uses beautifulsoup4 to scrap lyrics.

Published at pypi: Lyricaly


Using pip

# Install package from pypi
$ pip install lyricaly

# Run it
$ lyricaly

# Done!!

Without using pip

# Clone the repository
$ git clone
$ cd lyricaly

# Install Lyricaly
$ sudo python install

# Run it
$ lyricaly

# or simply execute the Python Script (
# Done!!



Lyricaly scraps the lyrics of the given song from Musixmatch
I am in no way associated with musixmatch and the correctness of lyrics corresponds with the data present in the database.
Lyricaly only scraps the present data from there and delivers it.
Note: English Language lyrics work fine. Spanish and french support is not good. Other Languages might work.