Django Users Boilerplate

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A Django boilerplate with User Registeration, Login and Password change views.

This boilerplate can be used to create Django projects with user management quicker. Uses Django Auth for the User Authentications.

Made by vigzmv


  # Get project locally
  $ git clone

  # Rename directory
  $ mv Django-Users-boilerplate **Your_project_dir_name**
  $ cd **Your_project_dir_name**

  # Install requirements
  $ pip install -r requirements.txt

  # Runserver
  $ python runserver

  # Done! Make required changes in 'App' as required to create your Django App.


User registration fields

The fields of User object can be changed by editing the required 'fields' in App/

class UserSignUpForm(forms.ModelForm):
 class Meta:
  model = User

  # change fields of User Object here
  fields = ('username','password','email','first_name','last_name',)

  help_texts = {
   'username': None,
  widgets = {

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